THEORY.  Team USA vs Team WORLD. Competitive game, not All-Star game.


Team USA #1 basketball team in the world – without any doubts! If USA team plays with their best roster it’s almost impossible for any other National Team to win. 50 W – 1 L..

USA = United States of America = 50 States = 1 country. For example, there are 44 countries in Europe and 54 in Africa…



However, 9 of 51 games Team USA won by 10 or less points.

In my opinion the best international basketball game between USA and any other NT was USA vs. SPAIN 118:107 (Wade 27, Kobe 20 – Rudy 22, P. Gasol 21) @ Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.



FIBA Rules 4×10 minutes. No defensive 3-second rule.


  • System can make players better – hide weaknesses/use strengths.
  • Try to control the tempo. Impossible to compete with USA in fast-paced game.
  • Try to use any advantage of tactics. Change defenses (man-to-man/zone). High IQ plays. Patience.
  • Avoid turn the ball over for all costs. Team USA is deadly in fast break situations.
  • Team’s chemistry is important and unselfishness.
  • Shoot 3-pointers 40+%…
  • PF/C should play their best game. In these positons Team World definitely can be equal or even better than team USA.
  • 3 of 6 Team World PG/SG/SF left-handed.



WORLD coach

DRAGIČ. All-Star. If healthy probably the best PG of Team World. 2016-17 NBA season 20.3 PTS + 5.8 AST + 40.5% 3PT.. High IQ player.

SIMMONS. ROY. Great athlete. Excellent defender. Better in fast-paced game. Team World should try to take advantage of his strengths and probably avoid to play together with Greek Freek at the same time. Career 3PT 0/13…

DONCIC. Very probably ROY. HIGH IQ player. Confidence and step-back 3s.

TEODOSIC. Health. Underrated player in NBA. One of the best passer in today’s game. Lack of athleticism and problems with defense. 10-15 min per game he can make difference with his no-look passes and couple mid-range or 3-point shots.

INGLES. Career 41.0 3P%. No problems with confidence: “I’m the best shooter in the league,” he told reporters in the locker room. Tough player to play against. Fits well in offensive  system.

BOGDANOVIC. Great shooter and high IQ player. He was Serbia NT leader in previous European Championship and helped his team to make final without 5-6 key players.

ANTETOKOUNMPO. Greek Freak. MVP candidate. Very effective in fast-paced game. Most of his points comes of restricted area. Team World should create their offensive system for Giannis to be involved as much as possible.

PORZINGIS. KP6. Unicorn. His skill set for his height is unbelievable. Healthy Porzingis will definitely can help Team World to compete with USA. 2017-18 season 39.5 3P%.

EMBIID. Arguably the best big man in NBA at the moment. Great passer/rebounder and team player. No problems with confidence.

MIROTIC. Fits well in New Orleans fast-paced basketball. High IQ player. Tough player to play against. Probably his best NBA season in his career so far. 17.4 PTS + 9.2 REB.

JOKIC. The Joker. 2.13m tall PG and C at the same time. MVP candidate. Denver is one of the leading teams in NBA at the moment. Lack of quickness compensates with high IQ plays. Probably the best passing big man in basketball at the moment.

GOBERT. #1 dunks per game in NBA. One of the tallest players in the League. 2017-18 Defensive POY.

SCARIOLO (Head Coach). Toronto Raptors assistant coach (one of the best teams in NBA at the moment). Head coach of Spanish National team. One of the best coaches in Europe.



  • Team USA looks more than impressive. Loaded with world class players. Everyone accepts their role in team? No Ego problems?
  • Playing without the ball. Most of Team USA players are the best in their teams and best in NBA overall with the ball. Hopefully for USA they are best without the ball as well.
  • PG/SG/SF position players indivdually both offensively and defensively are much better than Team World PG/SG/SF. Agressive pressure defense can create turnovers and bad shots for Team World that can lead to many easy buckets.


USA 2nd part


TEAM WORLD. 108 international players from 42 countries. If picking of 12 players for TEAM USA was quite easy then it was vice-versa with Team World.

Murray, Gallinari, Markkanen, Horford, Vučevič, Adams, Bogdanovič, Nurkič, Gasol, Zhou Qi and many others were left out of my Team World roster. Since there are so many great players especially big men from other countries of the World my focus was on TEAM’S CHEMISTRY, how players fits with each another playing at the same time.

Team USA – Lillard, CP3, Butler, Love, Griffin, Kemba, DeRozan, Drummond, Tatum and many others didn’t make the team simply because there are too many talented basketball players in USA.

Definitely want to read your thoughts and what players will be included in your Team World/Team USA. And don’t forget to vote for your favourite players for NBA All-Star game (20 days left).

Thanks for reading! CoachKris@ HUPU.


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