NBA play-off



The best team in NBA after regular season = 60W-22L.

TOP teams in NBA standings

New arena, new coach, new offensive/defensive system.

#1 defense, opponent’s shoots with lowest field goal % against Bucks, least amount of free-throws allowed , the best team defensive rebounding team.

Top 5 offense, Top 3 field goal %. . Shoots high volume of three-pointers and makes them with high accuracy.

No mid-range shots ( only 5.5% of all shot attempt).

Milwaukee play fast-paced basketball.

Injuries.. Brogdon/Mirotic/Gasol. DiVicenzo.


Lack of play-off experience?

BUCKS playoff experience

Giannis Regular season MVP?

Bucks only once in whole 2018-19 regular season lost 2 games in a row.


Finished 8th in Eastern Conference. Secured play-off spot only in the least few days in NBA regular season. Detroit played their best basketball in second part of the season.

2nd worst FG% (44.0) in NBA. Lack of fast break points.

Shoots lot of 3’s but accuracy overall is not that high.

Top 5 rebounding team. Drummond is the best NBA rebounder.

Rebound leaders

One of the best three-point shooters Bullock traded to Lakers.

Worst away team of all 16 teams who qualified for play-offs (15-26).

2017-18 Coach of the Year Casey hasn’t been very successful in play-offs so far (Toronto expectations was higher).

Detroit team plays slow basketball.


PREDICTION. Milwaukee team has been playing stable and very successful whole regular season. Only once they have lost 2 games in a row this NBA season. Even without Brogdon, Mirotic and Gasol they are huge favourites in this First Round match-up. Despite having superstar Griffin and league’s best rebounder Drummond their chances to win the series are slim. In my opinion Detroit team is not the team which can surprise.



NBA PO1 - Copy


#2 Team in NBA. Team basketball & balance.

We the norht

Stable and consistent whole season long. Started season 12-1.This is not the first time when Raptors play great during regular season in recent years.. How about Play-Offs? It’s right time and right situation! Lebron is in Western Conference or more precise in vacation 🙂

Both Top 5 offense and defense in NBA.

Balance. Despite being #2 in League Toronto leads NBA only FT% of all main statistical categories.

After acquiring Marc Gasol during the season they really can call themselves serious NBA Title contender.

Their strength is DEPTH and Kawhi also seems happy.

One of the worst teams in NBA dunks per game.

Raptors dancing


One of the biggest season surprises! Secured their play-off spot in last days of NBA regular season. Finished season 5-1.

Defense. Defensive specialist Coach Clifford improved Magic defense from 18th last season to 8th this season.

Orlando is slow defensive team who is one of the best rebounding teams in NBA and draws a lot of fouls.

Lack of free-throw attemps but shoots lot of mid-range shots.

Team basketball.

Top 3 leading scorers (Vučevič/Fournier/Gordon) total have 56 minutes of play-off experience.


PREDICTION. Orlando Magic is one of biggest surprises this season and all respect to All-Star Vučevič but #2 in NBA regular season has too much talent in their roster. Both good defensive teams, both teams have great big men (Gasol, Ibaka,Vučevič). I just don’t see too many options which could help Orlando to surprise again…



NBA PO1 - Copy - Copy (2)




Embiid’s health is very important for 76ers, two different teams with and without Embiid.

Ball-movement team – leads NBA in 3PT% AST and 3rd in FG% AST. Team basketball.

Enough aggressiveness. Among leaders both per FT attempts and makes.

Top 5 team both per rebounds and assists per game.

Team with huge potential,  team’s chemistry is very important.

Lack of depth?

People love basketball in Philadelphia – NBA attendance leaders.

One of the best clutch time teams in NBA . For example, Charlotte Hornets lost season series 0-4 woth total point difference -10 (2 OT).


Brooklyn Nets similar to Orlando Magic is one of biggest surprises of the season.

Ups and downs . Started season 8-18 and continued season with 19 wins of next 24 games.

Heartbreak Hotel

Drive and kick offense.

Shoots lot of 3-pointers and free-throws, don’t shoot lot of mid-range shots.

Top 5 team % of 3-pointers of total points.

Interesting that opposite teams attempts the most shots against Nets team.

One of the best benches in NBA (Dinwiddie).

Lack of points from C position players. Only ahead of Golden State Warriors.

The best season for D’Angelo Russell (All-Star) and J.Harris won All-Star 3-point contest.


(picture from mid-season)

Joe Harris

Despite playing entertaining basketball Brooklyn Nets have lowest attendance in whole NBA…

The worst team at home of all 16 play-off teams.


PREDICTION. This match-up between Philadelphia and Brooklyn will guarantee basketball fans entertaining basketball. It’s very important for Philly if Embiid will be healthy. Without Embiid there’s chance for Brooklyn to get to game 7 at least. Otherwise 76ers should win series without unnecessary stress.

Fans. Philadephia with highest attendance in League play against Brooklyn with lowest attendance…



NBA PO1 - Copy - Copy (3)


Preseason prediction – the best team in Eastern Conference…

Ups and downs. Problems with team’s chemistry.

Offensively Celtics mostly rely on 3-point/mid-range shooting.

3rd/4th average shooting distance from basket in NBA.

Lack of paint points and points from free-throw line.

Great defensive team.

Too many great players ? Too many players who play for same position?

It’s very likely that Boston Celtics during Play-offs will play their best basketball. Most of team’s young players have confidence because of great last season + Irving’s play-off experience and ability to play great in clutch moments.


TOP3 defensive team in NBA.

DPOY candidate Turner. Most shots blocked per game in NBA!

Blocks leaders

Don’t shoot lot of 3’s but accuracy is pretty good. (similar to San Antonio Spurs).

Team basketball.

Only team without any player scoring more 20.0 points average per game.

76.8% FGA 2-pointers. Attempts a lot of mid-range shots.

Oladipo’s injury… After injury 16W-19L.

One of the worst NBA teams dunks per game.


PREDICTION. Match-up between two great defensive teams but at the same time two completely different type offensive teams. Yes, Boston is favourite especially after Oladipo injury but Indiana is very tough defensive team. I think Kyrie’s play-off experience and leadership + home court advantage will be two main factors which will decide which team will be the winner of this Eastern Conference #4 and #5 series. +


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